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We SX Top SEO, our primary aim is to provide valuable SEO information and tips and provide services such as: Website positioning and Website design.

Whenever we take on a new client, we take a detailed look at what they want to achieve through our services.

We are currently based in the heart of Brighton, but we complete work for companies up and down the country.

Pricing is always agreed upon after we have developed a clear marketing strategy or a clear design brief.

We have no hidden costs and our clients have no long term contracts or commitments to us, as such, we are judged solely on our merits.

Our customers return to us because of our quality of work as well as our emphasis on strong working relationships and after sales service.


Sick and tired of SEO companies? Well no need to fear here’s your value for money SEO services!

The greatest SEO Services

The infamous Search Engine Optimisation is a process of editing a website's code to increase its status with search engines and ultimately achieve higher positions within the Search Engines and an increase in targeted traffic.

Highly professional Website Design

Effective Web Design is an essential part of successful internet marketing. At SX top SEO, we offer professional web design and development with the focus on aesthetics and accessibility.

Whether a site is information based or it is an ecommerce site, it is these two factors that will keep visitors on your site for longer and help ensure its success.

Quality Web positioning

Now 'search engine optimisation' is exactly that, you could not ask for a more germane title with regards to a compact definition.

Nevertheless, to elaborate a little further it is essentially the process of employing various techniques to optimise a web page so it will rank higher when, for instance, somebody types a specific search term into Google.

Using our SEO web positioning services will in turn improve your website and ultimately the Google rank. So call us to today if you have any queries.

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